Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Blog

Dear Readers,

As it has been apparent keeping up with a blog is difficult. Being in college along with life's daily demands can make it almost impossible, however we want to make our blog better. In a few ways that may also make our life simpler. We have decided we are going to expand our blog to more than just our outfit posts, but also include people we see, know, meet, etc whom we find fashionably fascinating. This will begin next week, so that Katie can move into her new place without problems and endure her first week back at university even though I myself have already been settled. Therefore starting next week I will be posting the first three days and Katie the next three days. Our posts will vary from ourselves, to inspirations, to wishlists, to other people, and I will even include recipes I try that I think are amazing. We want to this to be about our lives, which entail so much more than just what we have been doing. Hope you enjoy it !

XoXo Liridona

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