Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hippie-R-Us with Emily G.

Leather Jacket:  Vintage (Mom’s)
Top: James Perse
Scarf: Unknown
Necklace: Handmade by 2 friends
Cross-Over Bag: Thrift Store
Jeans: True Religion
Brogues: H&M
Button: Thrift Store

Today’s photo was Emily G. I really enjoy her laid back style, you can tell she has a hippie thing going for her, but she also plays around with luxury items. The mix of James Perse and True Religion with thrift store, tells you she is not afraid to shop around the diverse section. She is not a full label kinda girl nor is she Label-phobe. That is simply what I love about the style, these days you have so many people who only want vintage because it is cool or are way too obsessed with labels. She is simply label-free adding to her laid back hippie look. Now to address the look a bit more, I think she had excellent luck finding this leather bag, it looks like an old camera case style bag from the 60-70s eras which is perfect since 2011 has come around it appears to be all about this era. Her leather jacket is also a great hand-me-down from her mother and adds to her hippie flare because of its color a brown that looks like it popped out of another time. The fact that the jacket is slouchy is pretty neat since it is different from the stiff tightness most people are wearing these days (specifically around Roma, talk about body hugging leather).  Overall I think it reflects her personal style and personality, and I give her a thumbs up!

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