Friday, February 25, 2011


Hello everybody! So, this post is all about CollegeFashionista because...MY FIRST POST WENT LIVE ON TUESDAY! This is a super big deal for me because one of my dream jobs is to be an editor for a fashion magazine, or something along those lines. This first post is my bio, so it isn't as exciting as I hope my future posts will be, but it was still really fun to write. I hope you guys like it! If the outfit from my bio looks familiar, that's because I did an outfit post with that outfit last week! I needed a full length body shot, outdoors during the day, and I thought that one fit perfectly! Be sure to check out the rest of the CollegeFashionista posts and see if there are Style Gurus reporting on the fashion at your school! It is such an amazing site, and there are some really great writers and trend spotters on the CF team! Feel free to "like" and "tweet" my posts, to get the word out there about CollegeFashionista!! I'd really appreciate it! :) If you are a lover of all things lace, as well as vintage finds, you'll want to read my post next week! The picture below is to get you in the lace mood! Be sure to check out my CollegeFashionista bio! Enjoy! XoXo Katie

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