Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Location

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far! Blogger still won't let us post anymore pictures, so we are going to be moving our blog to another blogging platform. We will put a post on this site once the new blog is up and running! XoXo Katie

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blog Problems

Hey guys! We are having some problems with the blog right now. For some reason it is not letting us upload amymore pictures :(. We are investigating the issue right now, so hopefully we will be able to continue posting within the next few days. Be sure to check back in later this week! XoXo Katie

Sunday, April 3, 2011

and those Sunny Days are back!

Ciao, so I know the blog has been lacking the love that it deserves, but we are finally back on track. I am because the sun is here, and I have my final essays under control! So you will receive plenty this week from us both! Yesterday, was so beautiful and warm for me, I wore a maxi dress that I own from Lucky Brand. I kept everything else simple to really show off this amazing dress. It is very colorful and fun, but since Romans do not see this weather as super warm, I kept a leather jacket to conceal myself a bit. If you stand out here, they tend to stare for hours hehe. Anyway, hope you enjoyed your weekend!
Ciao, E di qe ka munguar dashuria jone nga kja blog per nje jave. Por ne jemi ne po kthehemi ne rrug duhur. Une jam e lumtur sot sepse dielli eshte ketu! Keshtu ju do te merrni plot blog posts nga ne  te dyja. Dje ishte aq e bukur dhe te ngrohte per mua, kam veshur nje fustan nga Lucky Brand. I mbajtur cdo gje te tjeter te thjeshte per te treguar me te vertete bukurijen e ket fustanit. Megjthate ne Roma, per Romaket nuk e duket aq vap kjo kohe dhe kam mbajtur nje xhakete lekure per te fshehur veten pak :p. Ata kane tendence qe te ngul syte nga ty kur njojn se je se do thom nje fjal stranieri bjen se njeri jashtme. Gjthsesi, shpresoj se ju keni kalu bukur ne fundave tuaj!