Sunday, February 27, 2011

And I Am Back

Turtle Neck Sweater: J.Bond Store (Roma)
Cardigan: J.Crew
Jeans: Wishlist Stores (Citizen something (not humanity)
Green Bangle: Vintage (mommy’s)
Other bangles: Forever21
Necklace: my baba bought this for me from a pow-wow (idk if I spelled that correctly)
Heels: Angel Alarcon
Clutch: Marciano
Ciao, I know I have been absent, but I had a lot of stress last week & bad Internet & a bad week in general. Sorry for the run-on sentence there! Anyway this week is better only one exam, my university has this awful policy to allow professors to stretch out their midterm weeks: I love it for the space and time I have to study for each one, hate it for the 3 week mayhem!! Still today, I got my butt up nice and early (which I should do more often) and took some lovely pictures for you. I think this will be an outfit I take on vacation, but will wear it with brown boots (again its cold where I am going). I know this place has a lot of clackers (heel wearers), but I do not know if I can handle it in the cold. This outfit I put together, I just bought the turtleneck sweater yesterday, to bring with me on vacation and I got it at the reduced price of 40 instead of 97 euro J. Great thing these sales, aren’t they? Also the nail polish is inspired by, Hanneli also blogs and she reminded me through her photos that I have a fluorescent greenish/yellow and have not used it. Since fluo is making its comeback (in seasons other than summer). Well now I am off to eat lunch & study. And thanks again to my one and only Keli for waking up earlier to take these! Mpuc Liridona

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