Monday, February 14, 2011

Hectic Schedule

Ciao Ragazzi! Ok, so I am still scoping out a fashion icon of the day since it is not over yet! Happy Valentine's Day to you all as well I hope you enjoy it. I myself do not love the holiday, but Keli is a romantic so I am trying to come up with something. He is a gourmet food type of a guy and I thought different cheeses with wine and crackers, maybe caviar. Anyway as I promised the tank top I created is really simple. I wish I could show you it from scratch, but I did it over the summer. Basically I bought this plain black tank top from LF Stores. I was inspired by a piece I saw in that had black patches over it however, I made this on different by adding more patches & using different materials. The way to make it really cool is buy a cheap tank top and use materials that are or look expensive. Remember you do not need to buy that much of the material since it will be cut up in patches. I went to my local JoAnn's for the the fabric and found really cool stuff.
What You Need:
1. A Tank top (can also be done on a tshirt)
2. different fabrics to cut up
3. cardboard or any paper with a thickness
4. pencil and white chalk
5. scissors
6. thread
7. sewing machine
8. needle
1. Take the cardboard or thick paper and use the pencil to draw shapes you feel would look good on your tank top. Try to make shapes so that they blend into the top kind of like the long rectangle shape I have on the tank.
2. Take the cutouts and use them as shape cutters. Place them on top of different fabrics and use the chalk to outline the shapes onto the fabrics. Cut the shapes out.
3. Take your fabric shapes and play with the arrange them on the tank as to the way you like. Once you decide on it, you should use the thread and needle to sew it on for the preliminary trial. Then try the tank to make sure the shapes are in a good spot and do not look weird.
4. Once you are satisfied, use the sewing machine to put the shapes on permanently. If you are not a sewing expert, you can buy fabric glue & glue it on the tank. However, I am not sure how the tank will fair after washing, etc. You would probably have to buy a pretty strong securing fabric glue for the task. 
5. If you want to make the pocket like I did it is simple. I decided to have an underlayer which is just a black square/rectangle shape sewed onto the tank top. Then I took a lace fabric and sewed only 3 sides to create the pocket. You can also omit the lace part and just use the black pocket which would be done by just sewing three sides of the pocket onto the tank. It is very simple.
6. Be creative with your tank top! Do whatever you want or draw from any inspiration. 

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