Monday, February 28, 2011

Hot Pink, a New Eye Trend?

Ciao! Ok so what I have noticed is a lot of pink eyes on the runway! Not like full frontal pink, but either soft pale pinks for the spring, blended in with the neutral, or a fluorescent pink, again blended in very well. My inspiration however is Studio Sellma in Kosovo, I believe is a makeup styling studio, but I am not sure if they do hair. I found them through my cousin’s wedding, his wife got her makeup done and looked absolutely stunning! When I did research I saw all of the Kosovar VIP’s get theirs done there too. (Always making that joke, VIPs in KS) I will check it out this summer, since I will be in Prishtina more than Gjakove (my city). I have seen their work and it is really cool, I mean it is not all wearable, but I think she will do what you want. I do like the simpler looks however for going out (odd that the simple look would be my going out looks). Well one look was my favorite, and I had to try it, it was done on the model Lyra (well known in KS) and she looked fabulous! I love her eyebrows. However I chose to do it without the lips. If you want to see it, click here! & you may have to like the page on FB. I suggest you do, and try out some things on your own since we cannot all have Sellma everywhere L. Below is how I tried the look & the list of makeup I used. Again Studio Sellma, keep doing what you are, it is awesome! Mpuc Liridona


Makeup Used:
Foundation: Laura Mercier (I usually use Chanel)
Bronzer: Chanel (#62)
Mascara: Maybelline (the Colossal Volum’ Express & Falsies)
Blush: Bobbi Brown (#11, pale pink)
Concealer: Chanel (#10)
Black Eye Pencil: Chanel (#61, Noir)
Brow Pencil: Chanel (#3, soft brown)
Lip Gloss: Sally Hansen (Lip inflation extreme)
Eye Shadow Base color: Chanel (les 4 ombres, no real number beside 1703?)
Eye Shadow Highlighter: Urban Decay (Midnight Cowboy rides again)
Eye Shadow: Crease Color: KiKo Milano (#76)

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