Sunday, January 9, 2011

New York City Buzz

Leather Jacket: BCBG
Jeans: True Religion
ring + earrings: Forever21
Belt: Ralph Lauren
Plaid Oxford: Love (LF Stores)
Circle Scarf:
Boots: Mom's
Hat: Reiss London

Ciao! The other day, I went to visit my university buddy Mansour. I was so excited to see him because since he transferred to New York, I have not (he lives in the UAE). Therefore since he is one of my closest pals I had to see him before heading back to Rome, on Thursday (yes very sooooon). He lives in New York, so we spent the day together having lunch at Sushi Samba (it was my first time) and let me tell you I was nervous about the Spanish/Japanese mix, but it turned out to be ultra yummy. If I ever am in the lower east side I definitely will go again. Other than that the city had amazing sales, I wish I did more shopping, however I just bought this amazing hat from Reiss London. My mom told me after honey you should have bought more which is never a usual thing to come out of her mouth. After strolling about and shopping (he bought some gloves), we began the search for a hat for him. Sadly we did not find what he was looking for :(...hopefully he finds it before the winter is over! We did end the day with dinner at Fig&Olive where I had a Tuscan salad, again very good, I really loved the white topping for the bruschetta type bread that came with my salad. If you ever eat there and want any salad suggestions go for the Tuscan :). Then I took the train back home to CT, and here I am with my late post sorry guys :(. Anyway stay tuned in because tomorrow/ or today if you are reading this on Monday, we will try and get up a tutorial on how to make simple Chanel cupcakes for beg. bakers. We all see the scrumptious pictures of them so now Katie and I will attempt them. MPUCCC Liridona

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