Friday, January 7, 2011

Snowed In today i would have normally uploaded some outfit pics, but the snow kind of ruined them. I may try and take some later and re-post, but I don't know how that will makes me sad because I was dying to share this amazing cutout dress from LF stores with you all. I had paired it up with my favorite Lanvin for H&M necklaces. Anyway for now this is my wishlist for January, I think I will definately get the nailpolishes and hopefully the skeleton hand ring:
From First Row Across: Jeffrey Campbell Paisley Brocade Wedges; KIKO Nailpolishes in : Arancio Perlato, Viola Microglitter, Sparkle T. Beige, Wildfox Cross Shirt from, Skeleton ring + cross ring from, leather shorts (no general preference), would like to attempt Chanel fondant cupcakes :)
Mpuc Liridona

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