Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Power of Orange

Have you all noticed that orange shades have been making an impact? I am sure you have since almost every designer uses it, accessories include it, and cheaper brands infuse it :p. Basically bright colors are on the rise & by using block color in your outfits, you are incorporating the new trends. Although I take color with a grain of salt, I do want to achieve a look including orange. I don't know if I will go out and buy the color, but I have an orange j.crew shirt that I do love and will try and use it more. It also has a bit of a 70s safari vibe which is great for this season. I made a little orange collage for ya'll since pictures have been scarce. Sorry but the weather in Roma this weekend was just not having it! Maybe during the week it will brighten up :) Mpuc Liridona

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