Monday, March 7, 2011

Orange Sunshine

Ciao! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was very relaxing, but still stressful with all the studying. As you noticed I have also begun to write in Albanian, it is surprisingly my first language, but since I grew up in the states, I have lost my grammatical perfection of it. Keli usually helps in that case, but anyway moving on: Today's outfit is for school and I am so happy to wear it because it means the sun is back in Roma. Let it stay this way because I feel like my vacation will be ultra-cold compared to here. I am praying for good weather there so Keli and I can survive. So exciting 12 days until my Spring Break. What are your plans for spring break? I also tried a little color blocking with jewelry here by incorporating the pink necklace, lime colored ring, and orange oxford. I think as I get more comfortable I will color block more, there are few pieces I want to add to my wardrobe to be able to color block before summer. I tend to to wear black, grey, and white 3 seasons of the year, I know depressing. Anyway Have a Good Day! 
Ciao! Si keni kalu ne fundjave? Imi ishte shum e relaksuar edhe veshtire me te gjtha studimet. Me vjen keq nese e mungoj gramatik dhe pastersi kur shkruaj ne shqip. Keli zakonisht me ndihmon ne kete rast. Nejse sot: Vejshe eshte per shkolle dhe une jam i lumtur qe veshi keshtu sote sepse kjo do te thote dielli eshte kthyrer ne Roma! Ndjehem ne ket menyre sepse mendoj qe pushimet e mia do te jene shum ftohte ne krahasim me ketu. Cfare planet keni ju per pushim pranvere? Une gjthashtu kam pervuar nje mode e re si quhet: Color Blocking. Ketu duke inkorporuar nje varsje 'pink' unaz te gjelbur, dhe nje bluz portokall. Une dua te filloje te 'Color Block' por me shum me pelqejn ngjyra zeze, bardhe, dhe bojehiri. Ju uroj nje fite te mire!
Mpuc Liridona
Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs
Jeans: Seven for All Mankind
Oxford: J.Crew
Necklace: Lanvin for H&M
Booties: LF Stores
Ring: Forever21
Socks: Forever21

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