Tuesday, March 22, 2011

with love…… from Poland

Dzien Dobry! I am in Poland, as you all know! The weather has actually been fantastic! I know that sounds odd, but I thought it would be soo cold! It is not too bad and my fur coat helps. Keli & I are having so much fun. We will be taking the train to Krakow tomorrow, we were in Warsaw these past days, and I will tell you it is interesting. Our hotel is like 3 minutes from the centrum, which is a district, considered developing. It has countless skyscrapers there and plenty of future building projects. These are all mixed in with the old Jewish Ghetto, only remains are leftover. We visited the wall and some old building (also the Nozyk Synagogue). They are all in the middle of a modern Warsaw. The old town is also fantastic. Anyway thought I would do a small post, as I have no opportunity here to really give you anything special. For me a vacation means rest, no makeup, good food, and time away from the stressful Roman life.

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