Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lady Gaga or Lady We Don't Want That

Ok, so I will post an outfit later if I have time: studying for another midterm errkk. Anyway I wanted to bring up some things: Lady Gaga, I love her music, her, etc, but she can become a bit overrated (heard the music before she was an instant hit). Well Ms. Gaga's perfume, yes we have heard the reports semen and blood, sounds like a great combo right? Wrong, I am sorry, but this is kind of a strange idea. Like really, how many of you want a perfume that alludes to the aftermath of sex? I do not think that a scent that makes me think of that, is really anything I want to wear. Nor do I want other people to think of an expensive hooker's perfume after they smell mine. It is slightly bizarre! Anyway according to My Fashion Life & Fashionista that is the story, inspiration: Blood & Semen, alludes to you thinking of after-sex, and smells like an expensive hooker. Love you Gaga, but DO NOT LOVE THIS. What do you all out their think????? Please comment and let us know, it is an interesting subject. Mpuc Liridona

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