Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Wishlist

Ciao, well the weather has been eh these days. Therefore, I am leaving with a wishlist I have. I am going to try and find some of these things in Poland or the markets around Trastevere on weekends. We will see how I do. And Yes that is where I am going to visit Poland. I know it might sound strange, but I have half Polish cousins, and there mom is from Krakow. They made Poland sound amazing to me, and pierogi, paczki, the history within the country all sound fascinating!
Ciao, si jeni! Keto jan gjerat qe un dua te blej. Une do te shikoj per ta ne Poloni dhe rreth Trastevere ne fundjave kur kan pazar. Do shohim si bej une per ket kerkes. Ne fundjaves jam duke shkuar per te vizituar Poloni! Une e di se mund te qen e quditshme por un kam disa kusherinjt se jan nga Polonijes. Ata me then se Polonija eshte e bukur e keshtu per mua eshte interesant, historija, ushqimi, te gjitha!
will look for in poland
will probably order online
will look for in poland
roma has a great poncho selection so i will check here first
maybe in Poland?
will look for in poland
will buy from AA
same as above
still looking for, was kinda expensive to order
want! need!
love the d&g runway ones, so i will look for in in roma or poland

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